Gift Giving

Most likely our custom of giving gifts at Christmastime originated from the magi giving gifts to Jesus.  These were gifts of worship, but also gifts of provision. After all, only a short time later, Mary and Joseph left for Egypt and would have needed provision to sustain their living. Thus, in the gifts of the magi, we see a two-fold purpose: worship and provision. 

This dual purpose of gift-giving has been all but lost in our current day. As we surround our trees with Wii game systems, gift cards, and “i”stuff, we rarely think about providing for those in need or worshipping our True Provider. But, there is another element of gift giving. God loved so much that he gave his Son.  He placed such a high value on us, that he gave us a way to have relationship with him, paying ransom for our sins. So when we give gifts this season, we acknowledge the value of another person to us.  There is something innate that creates a desire to give. We give not just gifts that provide, but gifts that please. We value others, we want them to be happy, we give.  This, then is the act of worship. We honor God by acting out the imago dei by giving. We give for provision, we give for pleasure. 

We are giving because he first gave us his Son and when we give to others, we give him worship.

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