Nate’s First Movie and Animal Rights

We host a bible study group at our house on Thursday nights at 6:30, but we cancelled it last night. For various reasons ranging from being sick, celebrating a birthday, and being in Mexico, all but one person was going to be absent.  Instead, we decided to cash in our movie gift cards that have been burning holes in our pockets since November. 

We sent one-month old Zak to Grammie and Popee’s house and Tara, Nate, and I went to Sam’s club, then to see Hotel For Dogs.  Nate was mainly excited about getting soda, but after the movie started, he loved it.  The movie was nice I suppose, but I still can’t get over the extent to which people go to provide for dogs’ well-being.

People will spend thousands on food and health care for their pets, when they themselves are on government subsidies for food or have no health insurance.  Not to mention that the money that Americans spend on pets could make serious headway in relieving impoverish areas of the world, providing water for third-world communities, and any number of other humanitarian needs.   I really don’t care if people owns dogs. What I do care about, is why a person would rather help a stray dog, than a homeless person. Why would a person flush so much money to have pets, when that same amount of money could help so many people?

Along that same line of thought, it has always baffled me that someone can be pro-choice and at the same time a supporter of animal rights. It think it would be more logically consistent to be pro-life and a supporter of animal rights. But what do I know?

Here is a recent article about a botched abortion resulting in a murder.


1 Response to “Nate’s First Movie and Animal Rights”

  1. February 10, 2009 at 7:09 pm

    That’s funny about Nate being most excited about the soda!

    Since you’re pro-life, does that mean you’re a supporter of animal rights?

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