They like Jesus, but not the Church – Part 3

Addressing the fourth statement from Kimball is like opening a can of worms. People have strong opinions about homosexuality, both inside and outside the church. I believe his desire is that church leaders approach the issue in love and in context. Here are my thoughts on his thoughts:

4. The church is homophobic.

If you are past the time of puberty in your life, you have committed sexual sin. That is the way it is. You’ve been involved in impure relationships, thought impure thoughts, and participated in impure actions. Hetero- or homo-, we have all sinned and done wrong sexually. Kimball says that a lot of people who speak out against homosexuality don’t actually know any homosexual persons. Such persons aren’t weird freaks of nature like a lot of “Christians” think. Sure, they are confused about a lot of things, but most people are. I cannot say that I have any friends who are gay although in my previous job I worked with several people who were. Kimball says that actually engaging a homosexual person in conversation will cause us to approach the issue differently than just thinking of such a person as a “them”. I don’t condone homosexuality, but I live in the real world, not some theoretical place of theological perfection enacted. I address homosexuality under the umbrella of a biblical doctrine of sex. I believe the best way to approach all of life is biblically. Thus, sex is best in a monogamous marriage covenant between a man and a woman for life. Any sexual activity outside of that, is biblically aberrant, thus, not the best way to approach life.  This includes a large number of people, not just those who are homosexual.


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