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I just read a fascinating article.  It is written by and about the British author and journalist A N Wilson.  In the article he briefly describes how he became disenchanted with Christianity in his 20’s, and left the faith altogether in his 30’s.  He attributes this largely to the anti-religious sentiments of the popular media and to those in the academy that decry religious belief (especially belief in the Christ of Scriptures) as a sure sign of a lack of intelligence.  Wilson describes his return to the Christian faith as surprising, particularly to himself.  He relishes in the fact that now he is opposite those anti-religious folks in the spotlight, but he says his return to faith was about more than that:

“But there is more to it than that. My belief has come about in large measure because of the lives and examples of people I have known – not the famous, not saints, but friends and relations who have lived, and faced death, in the light of the Resurrection story, or in the quiet acceptance that they have a future after they die.”

I think there are a few things to learn from Wilson’s experience. First, never underestimate the effectiveness of a quiet life devoted to Christ. Faithfulness will bring eternal benefits for friends and family.  Second, although argumentation and reason are at times effective, we must rely on God regenerating a person’s heart.  Lastly, we still need to speak the Gospel to our friends and invite them to a church where they can hear the Gospel.  Wilson notes in his article that he first returned to church with friends, not because he was interested or seeking, but because he was with friends.  This is an effective combination for allowing Jesus Christ to change lives for both now and eternity.

You can read more about A N Wilson’s return to faith here and here.


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