the mundane and the divine

I believe that since creation God has been working in and with the creation although he is different from it. There is an intermingling of the divine and the created. Some worldviews look at the creation as completly separate from the divine. Others look at the creation as part of the divine. If they are separate, then what we know by our senses is of no value because there is no divine element to it. This is represented in gnosticism, asceticism, Decartes, Kant, etc.   If the creation and divine are the same then we are also divine, or there is nothing noteworthy in and of the divine. This is represented in pantheism, panenthism, new age teaching (Oprah and Ekhart Tolle), and the like. But, if the creation and the divine are different yet intermingled, then there is a divine quality to the creation without being divine and there is a way for the divine to interact with the creation without being part of it. This means that prayer works. This means that even in terrible circumstances, God is present and moving.  This means that I can see the creation pointing to the divine and that the divine can speak to the creation.  This means that God can and does interact with creation.  This means that we can know the God that interacts with creation but is different from it. This means that God can disclose himself to men. This means that God can disclose himself in language (i.e. the Bible). This means that God can disclose himself as a man (i.e. Jesus).

Thoughts into words. Things like this roll in and out of my head all the time. Sometimes I can catch it and put it in words, sometimes I can’t.


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