Resolve: Spend wisely

I got in some credit card debt when I was in college.  It took me a long time to pay it off because it’s difficult to pay off debt and go to school.  But, I have learned a great deal from my mistakes. Now, after the last couple of years, the rising cost of food, fuel, taxes, etc. has taken it’s toll on us, just like everyone else.  This has required us to spend our money very carefully. Also, I see people all around suffering financially, yet unwilling to sacrifice their lunches out, their cigarettes, their cable TV, and other things that are necessities only in America.  For some of us it is different. We budget. We rarely eat out. We plan meals with food that is inexpensive. We get together with friends at the house instead of going out.  We take our lunch to work. We cancel our cable. We cancel our house phone. We do what it takes to live within our means, something at which my grandparents were masters and I am a novice.

There is a more important side to money than our own purposes. This is why spending wisely is not just a financial decision, but a moral decision. We can use our money for good or for ill. It can be a tool to bless others. It can be a trap for ourselves.  We can leverage our money to impact people for eternity. Or we can squander it to our own selfish ends.  There are businesses that are trying to practice this leverage. Businesses like Afar Imports, Land of 1000 Hills coffee, and TOMS Shoes try to help people as much or more than they try to make a profit.

I believe that I will be held accountable for how I spend my pennies. I can invest them in my own demise, or I can invest them in giving life to others.

I resolve to live my life to maximize the blessings God has given, not to squander them.

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  1. May 18, 2009 at 11:45 am

    Good post, Kyle! Thanks for sharing your notes from your money sermon & seminar. They were very helpful in preparing for yesterday’s money message at CrossWay.

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