ideas and execution

Coming up with a great idea is pretty easy. Get a couple folks together with some relative intelligence, brew a pot of coffee, and grab a pen and you can find some winners.  Execution is the difficult part. A great idea executed poorly will quite possibly look like a bad idea.  But, if you take a good idea, and execute it with excellence, you can make a huge impact on your family, community, and world. I think this is primarily what separates those we would consider successful from those who are not.

It’s a great idea to save money for a rainy day, but without execution, the idea is worthless. It’s a great idea to operate on a budget, but without execution, its just a worthless document. It’s a great idea to invest in your marriage and intentionally work to make it better. Without execution, that idea is worthless. It’s a great idea to give to the needy, but without execution, nothing changes.

Execution requires setting boundaries in your life. It requires personal discipline. It requires accountability, organization, and focus. Perhaps more than anything, it requires resolve. It takes resolve to push through difficulty and opposition. It takes resolve to adhere to principles day after day.

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