Huckabee on Integrity and Leadership

Former Governor Mike Huckabee spoke at the leadership conference I spoke about in yesterday’s blog.  Here are some of the thoughts from that session:

  • You’ll never make everybody happy.
  • Sometimes we wish we were someone else but God has not put us here to be who someone else is.
  • To be like Jesus is to be unlike most other people.
  • Jesus was not threatened by who people thought he might be.
  • We only hold on to what we are afraid can be taken from us.
  • No one can take your character even if they take your reputation.
  • The real value of a persons’ life is whether or not that person is true to their calling of being a servant.
  • It is possible for one to have a servant’s job and not a servant’s heart.
  • It is possible for one to have a noble job and have servant’s heart.
  • The church is called to be salt and light.
  • Salt is for preservation, it slows the process of spoiling.
  • if a fish is spoiling, it’s not the fish’s fault, its in its nature to spoil, salt must be applied.
  • It is time to recognize the problem is not with the culture, it’s with the pews.
  • the salt needs to be salt
  • people from the church should be in every aspect of culture and business.
  • We don’t need all the light to remain in well-lit rooms.
  • it is more important that we behave like Christians in the workplace than in the church.
  • a little light makes a huge difference in the darkness.
  • Where are the darkest places in America today?
  • The worst thing that could happen to the church isn’t hatred but that it would be ignored, indifferent, or mediocre.
  • Life is a process, you can’t fix everything at one time.

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