Tiger woods issues a statement

Tiger Woods has posted a letter on his website. In the statement he says, “Personal sins should not require press releases and problems within a family shouldn’t have to mean public confessions”.  I largely agree with him because he is not a moral leader, but an athlete. Who knows how this might impact his foundation or other public aspects of his life even if it is a private matter.  He does, after all, advocate values of integrity and honesty.

But, at least he fessed up, right?  Confession is a good thing. I hope that through this lapse in integrity (a.k.a. sin),  he will, in time, begin to rebuild his public standing.  Already he can serve as an example, that all of us are only a few dumb decisions away from messing up our lives.

This is why we need solid groups of people in our lives who can call us to right living  before God.  I don’t know Tiger Woods, obviously, but he needs some good people around him.  We all take our desires to places that cannot fulfill them and this is what he has apparently done. We need friends who direct us to take our desires to God where he can give us true fulfillment. He offers eternal pleasures, not misguided fleeting pleasures.  Our friends should help us guard against sin in our lives by holding us accountable and encouraging us. We also need friends who can support us when we do fail, by speaking truth into our lives, not just convenience.  Largely we find this in the Church.

Let us trust in the grace of God who offers us forgiveness in Jesus Christ.  I pray that Tiger Woods does.

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