how do the mighty fall?

I have been thinking about the Tiger Woods incident quite a bit. I am not a fan of golf, but I have always admired him and his story. I am amazed that someone so successful and so disciplined can violate his own principles in such an enormous way.  I am not surprised at such things when they happen to people who conduct their lives in sloppy ways in general. But it makes me wonder what leads to such choices in his life and how can I learn from it so that it doesn’t happen to me.

Since all I know about Tiger Woods is what I have read about him, I can only speculate as to what leads to such choices. Perhaps, since he is regimented in so many aspects of life, he was not so in the area of his desires. Perhaps he feels entitled to use the women who offer themselves to him. Perhaps sexual indulgence is his outlet for stress and the main place where he feels no need to practice personal discipline. (Many turn to substances, pornography, video games, all sorts of distractions for the same reason) Perhaps he is just a dog. Then again, perhaps he really loves his wife, but he had not created safeguards in his life to be able to turn away from these types of situations. Perhaps he has travelled too much alone. Perhaps he doesn’t have a close man in his life that he can speak to about his struggles before they become life-altering. 

This circumstance causes me to look at my life in at least two areas. How is my marriage?  How do I deal with sexual temptation?  These are issues that I must work out honestly with God and my wife. I encourage you to do the same. 

There is also the matter of cost.  Some are saying that this could cost tiger $300 million because of a prenuptial agreement.  I can’t think in terms of millions since I believe I am classified as a “hundredaire”.  But it has already cost him dearly. It could cost him influence, a wife, relationships with his kids, and who knows what else in addition to money. It is important to think about the potential consequences of certain sins. Marital infidelity is a violation of the deepest covenant that exists on earth. The consequences to this are lifelong and destructive. I’m not trying to be judgmental, because I know lots of people are seeking to overcome infidelity, and forgiveness and restoration is possible. But, it is important to see the trail of destruction such choices lead to so that we learn to guard against them in our lives.

All sin is destructive to our lives whether or not we see it. Thanks be to God for our Lord, Jesus Christ, who forgives our sin and is working within us new life in Him.


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