Sunday recap for June 6, 2010

This Sunday was our official Grand Opening of our new site of SonRise Church in West Ocean City. We had another visitor return for a second time, which I was quite thrilled about. To my knowledge, she doesn’t go to church anywhere and this is the kind of person we are hoping to reach.  We grilled some burgers and dogs and ate everybody had a snow cone or two as we celebrated afterward. Everyone just spent some good time talking and the relationships that God has formed within the church.  It was a good day!

We continued our sermon series Dangerous Questions by looking at Jesus’s question to the blind men in Matthew 9: “Do you belive that I am able to do this?” Jesus says, “according to your faith it will be done”.  This is a dangerous question because if we believe God can, and he doesn’t, then we have a serious dilemma. Often when tragedy or trial comes, we ask the question, “If God is able, why didn’t he do what he is able to do? ” So we wrestle with the old question, why must bad things happen?   Sin is pervasive and has caused the entire created order to be broken down. But, God has begun to restore all things first by reconciling man to himself through Jesus Christ. Hebrews 11 tells us about people who conquered kingdoms, stopped the mouths of lions, were sawn in two, and died by the sword all in faith. Some lived in blessing in abundance, others in poverty. Yet, all of these lived by faith, and were commended for it. God has always planned something better so that they along with us will see the fullness of God’s restoration and redemption of all things. We patiently await this by faith.  God is accomplishing his great plan that he has had since the beginning and by faith we are participants in his great plan. Nearly everyone will experience suffering and loss, and all of us will eventually die, but in the Gospel we have hope through faith. So when we live out the Gospel by faith, it allows us to endure suffering and loss because we are sure of the day when God will make all things new and right. Enjoyment in this life is to remind us of the enjoyment that awaits us in Christ. Pain in this life is to remind us of that the day will come when things will not be this way because of Christ. So why does it seem that God does not do what he is able to do in our lives? I don’t believe anyone has an answer that gives us adequate understanding to this question. But, we are to respond to his will and trust in his plan by faith. God does not bow to our will and plan. He is the sovereign King of heaven and earth and it is his plan that is good and right and just. So is God able? Absolutely! But this is a dangerous question.


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