Sunday Recap for June 13, 2010

We had another great Sunday at SonRise Church in West OC. About 7 families in our church were out-of-town because it’s just that time of year, so attendance was down. But, we still had a great time!  We are in the third week of our sermon series Dangerous Questions. This week we looked at the Dangerous Questions Jesus asks in Matthew 16: “What about you, who do you say I am”.  This is a question that every one of us must answer for ourselves. It is a dangerous question because both eternity and fulfillment in this life hang in the balance.  Lots of people have opinions of who Jesus was and is.  We, like Peter in Matthew 16, ought to rely on our Heavenly Father to lead us into a true understanding of Jesus. We know Jesus through the pages of Scripture, but all of us have a tendency to make an image of Jesus that we are comfortable with rather than the true Jesus. We have a natural tendency to dull and temper his teaching so that it requires little of us as far as change or sacrifice. Yet, he still calls us to die to ourselves. He still calls us to forsake all and follow him not to add him to our comfortable and self-serving lives.

This afternoon we helped our sister church, Nuevo Amanecer, with an outreach in Berlin.  They organized a big soccer tournament between Hispanics in Berlin against Hispanics in Salisbury.  Our church grilled some burgers, dogs, and pinchos. We hooked up the snow cone machine and it wasn’t the kids eating snow cones, or granitas.  I discovered that my Spanish is improving, but I need to work much harder if I want to be able to have even a basic conversation without a translator. Most of all, it was just a great time together. I’m grateful for the members of SonRise who came out to serve and I’m grateful for the folks of Nuevo Amanecer who are passionate about reaching the Hispanic community for Jesus.


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