Sunday Recap for June 27, 2010

We had another great Sunday at SonRise West OC.  We had a couple new faces and a couple of folks who visited again today.  We wrapped up our sermon series called “Dangerous Questions” this week looking at Mark, chapter 8.

In Mark 8 we find the story of the “Feeding of the Four Thousand”. It is a very similar story to last week when we looked at the “5000” in Mark 6.  We talked about how it is vital for us to remember what God has done. Apparently the disciples had forgotten how Jesus fed the 5000 because they asked him again here how they were to get the food to feed everyone. After this, Jesus has a run-in with the Pharisees who were a group of religious and political leaders in that day.  They upheld the law strictly, and yet Jesus view them as opposed to the Kingdom of God.  They test Jesus and ask him to perform a miracle. Jesus has no toleration of these people. After telling them no, he gets in his boat and heads to another town across the sea of Galilee. As people who have believed the Gospel, we must guard our hearts to make sure we don’t become like these Pharisees. We must be careful not to ask God to perform for us. Does he move on our behalf, yes. Does he work miracles, yes. But asking God to perform for us is a different matter. The Pharisees were proud and lived life in such a way that they asked God to affirm what they were doing rather than submitting to his will and following Jesus. When we ask God to perform a miracle for us, we are often guilty of asking God to follow us, rather than submitting ourselves humbly to his plan. God is working out his good and perfect plan. We are called to submit ourselves to him. He works miracles to glorify himself, not so we can live healthy, wealthy and wise. And yet, when we submit to Jesus and his will, we find our fulfillment, peace, hope, joy, and life in the Gospel.

You can now listen to my sermons online here along with Pastor Daryl’s.

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