Sunday Recap for October 24, 2010

This Sunday we discussed why small groups are essential to both our church and our own individual relationships with Jesus. In Acts 2 we see the early church being together in doctrine or belief, together in fellowship, and together in worship. Not much has changed, nor should it have changed, over the last roughly 1950 years. Today we gather around a that same common belief in the Gospel of Jesus. Fellowship is a word you only hear at church, but we gather for this as well. It is sharing life around common beliefs and activities. We also continue to gather for worship of the one who died for all and is risen again.   When the church gathers on Sundays all of these things occur, but gather in small groups allow them to occur in differing ways. Gathering in with a small group of believers provides the time and intimacy to allow for us to help one another learn to apply the Gospel to our lives in varying ways. Small groups provide for a smaller gathering where fellowship occurs on a more personal level. Looking after one another and caring for one another is the responsiblity of each church member and sharing life in a small group provides the “shepherding” component that is vital to the life of our church. And, small groups cause us to worship in different ways, not always through song, but by speaking worship as in Colossians 3:16.

It is vital to our church and to our relationship with Christ that we participate in both the large gathering of our church and the smaller gathering of our small group.

You can hear the sermon here in a few days.


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