Sunday Recap for December 5, 2010

We had another great Sunday at SonRise, West OC yesterday. We had four visitors and began our Christmas sermon series entitled “To Us”.  We will be unwrapping Isaiah 9:6 through December and we started by talking about the Child that was given to us.  Of course we know that child to be Jesus, and we celebrate is coming this time of year especially. Luke 1 tells us how God came to us, through a virgin young lady who bore the child of God. This is what we know as the virgin birth of Jesus. It is an essential doctrine to historical, orthodox Christianity. Without this doctrine, Jesus is not both God and Man in one person and the foundation of our faith crumbles.  But, with this belief, God has broken into space and time and in Jesus, lives perfectly and dies on a cross as the payment, the atonement, for the sin of all mankind.  His resurrection three days later restores humanity to new life, and his ascension to the Father, 4o days later restores humanity with divinity so that we are now hidden with Christ in God. These are great and life-giving truths!

We had a great lunch after church as well. An old-fashioned Baptist pot-luck complete with the Baptist Bird (fried chicken).  We had a great discussion on how the ministry is going at the West OC site and it was an encouraging and joyful time.

You will be able to listen to the sermon here in a few days.

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