3rd annual Stephen Decatur High School Taco Night

Last night was the third time that SonRise has conducted the dollar Taco Night as a fundraiser for Stephen Decatur High School.  We are the beneficiaries of our great school in several ways including sending our students to a first-class school and being able to rent the facility for three of our Sunday worship services. We do pay rent to use the facility on Sundays, however, this money is paid to the school board, not the high school. Taco Night allows us to make a significant contribution to this school in particular. We wish we could do something like this for all of our schools. Hopefully we can be a catalyst for other organizations to follow suit.  But, not doing it for everyone doesn’t stop us from doing it for someone. As Andy Stanley said, “Do for one, what you wish you could do for everyone”

With Taco Night, we front a significant investment from our church to purchase all the materials and we DO NOT reimburse ourselves from the sales. This year, Elliott’s Hardware and The Atlantic Stand also invested a significant amount in materials for the event.  With this event, we are able to increase our contribution substantially rather than just writing a check for the amount. Also, it is a great event for our community to rally together in support of our schools.  We had between 60 and 80 people from our church come out to help serve at the event. I saw lots of community leaders there such as pastors Mark Massey and Nathan Hyde along with members of their churches. Mayor Gee Williams was at the event as well.  The Mom’s In Touch organization served the desserts at the event.

This year we estimate that we served around 3500 tacos. We raised $5506.15.  The way we got the 15 cents was from the several people who are incapable of counting out exact change to come up with $1.  Funny though, we sold a little over 130 tacos to people who paid with coins. I’m sure the bank was loving counting all that change this morning, haha, sorry bank people.

I was also excited to see at least one local news station come out to do a story on a good thing happening between churches and schools! We are grateful for our local new station WMDT 47 for coming out to cover the event. We are also grateful to the several local papers and radio stations who advertized the event.

It’s great to see our community come together to support our schools!

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