save money on gas

With gas prices on thought it would be a good time to review how to get the most bang for your buck out of your vehicle. here are some tips for getting more miles to the gallon:

  • believe it or not, over-inflate your tires.
  • manage your starting and stopping
  • use the air-conditioner less
  • control your need for speed
  • coast

(The above tips can be found and explained here.)

  • avoid unnecessary idling
  • remove excess weight from your car
  • keep your engine tuned
  • get an oil change

(The above tips and more can be found here.)

  • Don’t top off your tank
  • tighten the gas cap
  • park in the shade
  • replace your air filter

(The above tips and more can be found here.)

  • practice hypermiling
  • practice drafting like in NASCAR
  • use cruise control as much as possible
  • drive less, combine errands into one trip, walk rather than drive.

(The above tips and more can be found here.)


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