gas prices

I filled up for $3.39 today. As much as it bothers me to pay that price for gas when I remember being 78 cents a gallon when I was in college, it is a reminder to me that there are reasons for price increases.  Of course we could talk about how corporate “big oil” is lining their pockets (and that may be true), but I prefer to think of a more solemn reason. There are millions of people in multiple Middle Eastern countries engaged in what might one day be considered the largest revolutionary movement in world history. Mostly college age men and women are protesting tyranny and governmental injustice in countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia, and several others. I do not presume to know very much at all about the social, religious, or political dynamics at play in these protests. But, I do know that many are risking their lives. In America, I can walk down the street with a sign and yell and the most that might happen would be a fine for not having a permit. In some of these instances, unarmed people involved in peaceable protest have been shot and killed in cold blood by military forces at the direction of their government.  So, are gas prices rising a nuisance, certainly. But, it reminds me that there are more important issues at stake here, namely, human life.


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