Creation, Corruption, Rescue, Restoration – part 1

I meet weekly in my home with a group of people for bible study and prayer. A few weeks ago, I began to lead us through a study I have entitled “Creation, Corruption, Rescue, Restoration”.

I believe that the Bible has one primary focus: Jesus. I believe it has multiple themes that run in and through the various books that comprise the Bible. But, I believe there are some overarching themes that can be found everywhere in the biblical text. One such theme is Creation, Corruption, Rescue, and Redemption as a singular theme that ultimately points to who Jesus is and what he has done, is doing, and will do.

Why does this matter? Well, in my experience, people like the Bible. They think “The Good Book” is a good book. There is a problem though: it’s hard to read. I think people open the Bible expecting to read about Jesus but they don’t even see his name until 900 pages into it. People who want to read the Bible often have a difficult time knowing where to start because if they start at the beginning it gets more confusing and more difficult the further you read. And, why would you start anywhere else, it’s a book? I thought it would be worthwhile to begin to teach and show how the Bible can be read in terms of one of its most prominent themes. If we know the Bible teaches us about creation, corruption, rescue, and restoration, then when we read a random story that is really confusing, we have at least a few tools in the chest to construct some understanding of that particular story.

As I am teaching in my home, I’ll be posting some of what we talk about here. I hope it is valuable to you.


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