Seth Godin for Pastors – Part 2

Seth Godin says “Time Doesn’t Scale“. Changing his thoughts into my words, the amount of time you put in isn’t necessarily proportional to the amount of work you get done. First, it depends on your profession. Secondly, it depends on your aptitude. Thirdly, it depends on your product. (It probably depends on lots of other things too, but we’ll stop at three.)

I don’t know what this may mean for an accountant, or a carpenter, or a photographer, or a teacher. But, I don’t have to. Whatever “product” needs to be created can often be done better and faster with increased aptitude. When I worked for Starbucks as a barista I got paid to make a product during a shift. When I became a manager, all of that changed. I needed to help baristas develop an aptitude. More drinks per hour meant more profit margin.

Now, I’m a pastor. I need to know what this means for me as a pastor. What “products” do I need to produce? Sermons? Bible Studies? Time for prayer? Time for people? 100 other things? For me, logging hours alone doesn’t always enable me to produce a better “product” in my study. Without devoting some serious time though, my product won’t be nearly as crafted as it should be.

One of my “products” right now is to find a meeting space for our church. Time and aptitude seem to be the solution for overcoming the obstacles things like the building code restrictions are placing in front of me.  I’ve got building code requirements working against me, but with increased aptitude (which includes networking), I should be able to find something soon (one would think). There’s no shortage of retail/office spaces, but it seems the code requirements are inhibiting us from repurposing spaces like that. Only time will tell how I can develop this “product”.

Sometimes you need to conquer the things you “have to do” so you can get to the things you “get to do”.

Pastoring is a weird job, maybe one day I’ll figure it out.

Seth Godin says, “Time doesn’t scale”. But I’ve heard it before as, “Work smarter, not harder”

Read Part One here.


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