should I stay or should I go now: reasons to leave the church and reasons to return

I ran across these two blog posts that are worth reflecting on if you are frustrated with “the church” or if you are thinking about returning to “the church”. The first blog is the reasons this woman left the church at age 27. The second blog is the reasons this woman returned to the church at age 30.

I think many of these issues are important because they go deeper than just the matters of personal preference. My observations are that many people switch churches for stylistic and/or selfish reasons. But, some leave the church because of more serious matters like crisis, major life changes, or because they fail to see how their church adequately interprets the Gospel into practice (even if they don’t articulate it that way). Other times, there is just a compelling feeling that it’s time to move on, even if you can’t place your finger on it. I find that these deeper reasons are the same ones that cause people to return to church. When tragedy or children or spiritual questions arise, people see the church as the main place to go to find answers, help, or depth.

If you are among those who have left the church, what was it that caused you to leave? What would it take for you to return? What is preventing you from returning? If you are among those who have returned, what was the compelling reason?

I would guess that people who return to church don’t return because of what makes a church “cool” (is that possible?) like logos, marketing, entertainment factors, or the like. So the reasons they do return would then include qualities like depth, authenticity, relationships, etc. Thoughts?


2 Responses to “should I stay or should I go now: reasons to leave the church and reasons to return”

  1. June 5, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    I think a mulitple of reasons can make someone leave a church. Her blog reasons hit a great number of them. It is hard to know your feelings and the church don’t always align. I find it hard to hear when politics are brought up in a message. I cringe even.

    That being said, once you find the church for you….you just know it is right. I had to “shop” around down here when we moved. While I did like the pastor and his messages at the first church, the people were not welcoming. We now attend a church that we get the best of both worlds, great fellowship and pastor.

    Do “cool” churches attract? Sure as long as they also provide the fellowship and leadership one is looking for. Would I leave a church if they were not up with the technology of others? Possibly. I enjoy knowing on the mornings I do not feel well, I can live stream our service.

  2. 2 Kyle T.
    June 6, 2012 at 5:10 am

    Thanks for your comments and insight Kristi!

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