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Seth Godin for Pastors – Part 2

Seth Godin says “Time Doesn’t Scale“. Changing his thoughts into my words, the amount of time you put in isn’t necessarily proportional to the amount of work you get done. First, it depends on your profession. Secondly, it depends on your aptitude. Thirdly, it depends on your product. (It probably depends on lots of other things too, but we’ll stop at three.)

I don’t know what this may mean for an accountant, or a carpenter, or a photographer, or a teacher. But, I don’t have to. Whatever “product” needs to be created can often be done better and faster with increased aptitude. When I worked for Starbucks as a barista I got paid to make a product during a shift. When I became a manager, all of that changed. I needed to help baristas develop an aptitude. More drinks per hour meant more profit margin.

Now, I’m a pastor. I need to know what this means for me as a pastor. What “products” do I need to produce? Sermons? Bible Studies? Time for prayer? Time for people? 100 other things? For me, logging hours alone doesn’t always enable me to produce a better “product” in my study. Without devoting some serious time though, my product won’t be nearly as crafted as it should be.

One of my “products” right now is to find a meeting space for our church. Time and aptitude seem to be the solution for overcoming the obstacles things like the building code restrictions are placing in front of me.  I’ve got building code requirements working against me, but with increased aptitude (which includes networking), I should be able to find something soon (one would think). There’s no shortage of retail/office spaces, but it seems the code requirements are inhibiting us from repurposing spaces like that. Only time will tell how I can develop this “product”.

Sometimes you need to conquer the things you “have to do” so you can get to the things you “get to do”.

Pastoring is a weird job, maybe one day I’ll figure it out.

Seth Godin says, “Time doesn’t scale”. But I’ve heard it before as, “Work smarter, not harder”

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this will ruin your holloween

The problem with reading is sometimes it changes the way you think and then the way you live. We have already purchased our Halloween candy and are making plans for trick-or-treating. Then I read this article. Now I’m a little disturbed about Halloween.

The tasty treats we enjoy on Halloween are a product of child slavery. You can read more about child and forced labor here. Much of this child labor is reinforced by over-consumption of products like coffee and chocolate. Personally, I pay attention to the coffee I drink. Ever since I saw Blood Diamond I have told my wife I will never buy here any more diamonds (and not just for financial reasons because I can be cheap). But, didn’t consider whether or not the chocolate I eat was harvested by little kids like mine. This is heartbreaking to a dad of three boys. I am learning to make more responsible choices with my purchases, but it is difficult. Sometimes it means paying a lot more. Sometimes it means doing without. But I cannot ignore the FACT that what I buy with my money either helps or hurts. I’m taking steps, even if they are baby steps. It doesn’t have to mean we do without, but consume responsibly, let Fair-Trade influence your purchases.

My friend Mike offers some more insight on the same article I read here. He includes a disturbing picture.

Here is a solution to possibly salvage your Halloween? “Halloween candy that doesn’t suck.”


The official coffee of SonRise Church

People who know about our church know that we are a cafe style church (as of this sunday at both locations!). As part of that, we serve coffee. Coffee is simply part of life for many of us. Some of us are addicts, others simply enjoy it. Even if you don’t like the taste, rare is the person who doesn’t like the aroma.

What many people don’t know about our church, is our coffee is also a ministry. We buy our coffee from Land of 1000 Hills and have been doing so for nearly two years now.  Here is a little bit about our coffee suppliers:

(six-minute version)

Visit Bukonya! (6 minutes – Full Version) from Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee on Vimeo.

(three-minute version)

Visit Bukonya! (3m 30sec) from Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee on Vimeo.


my love for coffee (pt 2)

When a group of our leaders was at Catalyst last year, we came across a coffee from a company called Land of 1000 Hills.  They primarily serve coffee from Rwanda and they pay a premium rate for a premium product. They also engage in multiple social help projects to aid the nation as it seeks to recover from civil war. 

Our church serves coffee on Sunday morning so it made sense for us to begin to serve THIS coffee rather than the “other” coffee. Also, in my personal opinion, the other coffee tasted like swill. So it is fitting that their motto is “Drink Coffee. Do Good” because we are going to serve and drink coffee anyways. It may as well go to help people rather than exploit them. We are a church after all…

Recently our coffee account was assigned to a new employee named Christina.  I had a wonderful chat with her and I have enjoyed perusing her blog. I commend it to you if you are interested in seeing how coffee is benefiting the people of Rwanda.


my love for coffee

I worked for Starbucks coffee for almost 6 years of my life. That’s 1/5 of my life span.  Thus, I have a deep love for coffee that is great than mere addiction. I enjoy a good cup of coffee like some enjoy a painting, a sculpture, a wine, a novel, or anything else that combines creativity and beauty. I know it sounds over the top or possibly even ridiculous to some. But coffee is much more than a beverage. I combines elements of environment, community, care, ability, and other things.

Coffee is the second most widely traded commodity in the world. More people use coffee than anything besides petroleum on any given day.  It has been the cause of conflict, but also the has served as a point of reconciliation.

Coffee has facilitated reconciliation in the nation of Rwanda. It has allowed persons who previously were murderous enemies to now work together for their livelihood.

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