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thinking about discipleship and missions

The concept of discipleship is one that I regularly reflect on, asking questions like:

  • How am I growing as a disciple of Jesus?
  • How am I helping others grow as disciples of Jesus?
  • How can I better help others grow as disciples of Jesus?

These questions and others like them are usually not far from my thoughts. So, when I saw a link to an article called “Why the Missional Movement will fail”, I had to read it. It offers some insightful thoughts about the interrelationship of mission, missional living, and discipleship. I also thought it was humorous that several associated articles are about the Missional movement. Even though, he’s really just repackaging in a more edgy way what others have said about the movement, the two-part article is worth reading: Part On and Part Two. I’d be interested to know what you think too!


Jesus and a “Social Gospel”

Over at Huffington Post, Rev. James Martin has “changed” three of Jesus parable to reflect a Gospel that is more palatable for those who don’t feel the need to help the poor and needy because it would only enable them. His re-rendering of Jesus’ parables are quite amusing, but also have the sting of conviction in them.

His three stories are from Mark 2:1-12; Mark 6:30-44; Mark 12:17-31.


Seth Godin For Pastors

Seth Godin is a marketing guru who I find simply brilliant. He has a way of simplifying complexities. He has lots to say about communication, advertizing, and organizational systems. He also helps me think about many things which I wouldn’t otherwise because of a cognitive autopilot. He doesn’t write for pastors specifically, but much of what he writes about overlaps into the world of pastoring a church. So, I find it helpful to think, “What does this mean for me as a pastor?” when I read his blogs.

He wrote a blog awhile ago called “Who is your customer?” Does a pastor work for himself? A congregation? A denomination? In some ways, he certainly does work for one or all of these. But as I think about my job as a pastor, who do I answer to? If I fail to do my job adequately, who am I responsible to?

For me, and many pastors I know, we have only one customer. If I honor Jesus, teach others about Jesus, and follow Jesus, I’m successful. There may be other customers, but there is only one that I must answer to. This is refreshing and terrifying at the same time.

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  • Took Nate hunting for the first time today. We didn't see anything but at least we looked cool. 4 years ago
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  • my kids don't know we are taking them to a hotel in OC with a pool today. They are gonna lose their minds. 4 years ago
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