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Seth Godin for Pastors – Part 4

In his blog post on Worldliness, Seth Godin defines “Intelligence” as knowing a lot about a little and a little about a lot. He talks about how knowing a little about a lot has become exponentially more difficult as the internet gives us access to nearly everything that is known. (If only it gave us access to the unknown!)

Thinking about “worldliness” along with him, of course he doesn’t mean in the biblical sense, but in what we might call being shrewd, wise, or intelligent. It’s an important quality to possess. With all the talk in church circles of “engaging culture” and the like, this means we need to know at least a little about a lot.

However, Godin challenges, in our endeavor to know a little about a lot, we have to know a lot about a little. Pastors presume to understand the Bible and speak on God’s behalf from his Word. As a pastor, this is the one thing we must get right. I may not understand reality TV shows, modern art, or survival skills, but if I fail to plumb the depths of biblical knowledge, I have neglected my calling. After all pastors, Paul reminded Timothy to watch his life and doctrine closely.


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